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Aquaponics Lab

The Aquaponics Lab is a network of developers creating and implementing open source technologies and education tools for aquaponics.

Franchise Details

Sector: Food & Horticulture

Key social purpose (aspiring):

Our goal is to make local, affordable, sustainable and healthy food accessible to everyone

Key elements of your franchise offer (aspiring):

-Access to a network of experts in different fields- Knowledge exchange network to spread innovation fast-Access to a brand and MKT materials at marginal cost-Share costs of website, email and publicity- Reduced costs for research and development

What support is provided by you to franchisees (aspiring):

-Technical support to develop and implement aquaponics systems- MKT, website, email and technologies ready to use

Will you have a franchise prospectus? (aspiring):
Will you have an operating manual? (aspiring):
Year established? (aspiring):
Number of franchise units? (aspiring):
What is the overall start-up cost/investment required by franchisees? (aspiring):
£ 1000.00
Are ongoing fees to be paid by franchisees? (aspiring):
Number of employees (banded)? (aspiring):
Percentage of employees with a disadvantage (banded)? (aspiring):
Turnover (banded)? (aspiring):
£ < 100k

Contact Details

Contact Name:
Contact Number:

Paulo de Lemos Marini
+44 (0) 1422650284