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Take a look at some of the existing Social Franchises and what they do.


ESFN are gathering information on social franchising across Europe

ESFN are gathering information on social franchising across Europe and the impact social franchises are having. This work is being funded by the European Commission as part of the Better Future for the Social Economy project managed by ESF Managing Authorities.

Over the course of the next year we have been funded to work with ESF Managing Authorities to assess the impact and contribution of social franchising. We will look at how its development can support economic growth and in particular the inclusion of economically disadvantaged people. This will involve developing this website, holding a series of workshops on finance and other issues and a conference on social franchising in Autumn of 2011.

The Better Future for Social Economy Network has five strands:

  1. Social franchising;
  2. Financial instruments and mechanisms of fund allocation to social economy;
  3. Measuring social added value and quality standards;
  4. Social responsible public procurement and public social partnership;
  5. Community law, public assistance and social services of general interest.

If you are interested in being involved in the work ESFN is carrying out, please let us know.