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The fastest growth of social economies?

It is clear that nearly all of our social franchisor Members have grown substantially, making better jobs, including disabled people, and communities.


Our updated research has shown that social franchisors have grown much faster than private businesses (eg Tesco and Mercedes). We have provided more detailed information (attached), but some of the key issues of our research were: 

  1. Social franchisor Members increased their staff from 6,770 in 2011 to 22,640 in 2014
  2. We had 19 Members at May 2011 and now have 33 Members (May 2014)
  3. Our original Members grew staff by 24% (2011-2014).
  4. Larger  Members had standard growth eg KOMOSIE at 24% from 2011-2014, but smaller Pluss had faster growth at 378%
  5. All Members increased their total turnover by 82%, € 199,615,600 (2011) to  € 365,259,747 (2014)
  6. The original Members increased their turnover by 32% (2011 of 18 Members € 199,615,600, 2014 of 18 Members to 264,445,547). 
  7. 51% of staff had disabilities (2014)
  8. The UK had the largest number of social franchisors (13 Members)
  9. Italian, Belgium Polish and German have fewer Members but much more staff with 5900  to 1488 workers.

We have attached some more detail on our research (click here) and information on Members, size, location and so on (click here).

This research was updated after our original research (2011) supporteded by Better Future for Future for the Social Economy Learning Network (BFSSELN) and funded by European Union. BFFSEN set up the website  still operating and is including social franchising information.