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Take a look at some of the existing Social Franchises and what they do.

The Benefit of Social Franchising

Knowledge Transfer

By defining the keys to success and documenting them Entrepreneurs can gain access to knowledge and experience. Training for new franchises to ensure a high quality business are key elements of a social franchise. They are also generally designed so they empower the employees.

Rapid Growth

Starting any enterprise is difficult. Starting a social enterprise can be even more so. Often a social entrepreneur may have additional difficulties, such as a limited finance, business expertise or have a disability. She or he is also trying to provide a social benefit as well as create a viable business. Social franchising makes it easier to start an enterprise. It provides a business in a box, support and proven business model to help overcome these difficulties enable a locally owned enterprise to be set up and compete effectively. The Directory provides many examples of this in practice. For example, Sunderland Home Care Associates (SHCA) in the UK or CAP Market in Germany show how that the promise of rapid exponential growth can be achieved by social franchises.

Increasing Survival

By cooperating in a franchise organization:

  1. Credibility is enhanced by the use of an established brand
  2. Individual franchises can call on the support of the whole franchise
  3. Shared services are provided from training to marketing that an individual enterprise could not afford
  4. Innovations in one of the franchisees can be spread through the whole franchise.

Basically, as social franchise helps create stronger more dynamic social enterprises that grow in strength as more enterprise join the franchise

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